About DLJ Roofing Contractors

How did we become reputable roofing contractors and roofing service provider in South Florida?

We live in South Florida since 1983 and are very familiar with the local neighborhoods due to our involvement in the real estate business since 1991. Our company owner and registered contractor Mr. Dorin Frai, has worked in the financial industry, property casualty, and real estate for over 30 years. In the early 2000, we have opened a real estate brokerage called American Destiny Realty with the primary focus on working with institutional investors.

Reputable roofing contractor. DLJ Roofing

We have remodeled several properties over the years and consequently choose to open a company in the construction industry. After much research, we have decided to focus on the roofing industry and after all required apprenticeship, our second business was launched in 2018 – called DLJ Roofing Contractors. We have since operated in both residential and commercial roofing segments and we take pride in our work which has resulted in significant client referrals over the years.

OUR operation management TEAM

Dorin Frai


Manages and supervises our roofing operation, handles contractor permits and job contracts, provides detailed quotes, inspects all roofing jobs.

Super knowledgeable


Highly responsive

Respectful and kind

Ciprian Silivestru


Manages our business development operation, supervises roofing work, maintains client and partner relationships, in charge of business communication.

Friendly by nature


Highly supportive


What makes us different, better?

We are different because we focus on supporting the local communities with affordable roofing services. We are better because we care more about offering a good quality roof than skipping steps or generating high profits. We have a hard to match turnaround from permit to roof start, we stay super competitive due to our quality supervising process, and we back all our roofing services with top industry warranty.

DLJ Roofing Contractors What Makes Us Different

DLJ Roofing Contractors is a leading roofing company based in South Florida, serving the communities of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. With a strong commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, DLJ Roofing has established a solid reputation as a trusted provider of roofing services.

What sets DLJ Roofing Contractors apart is their dedication to delivering exceptional results on every project. Whether it’s a residential roof replacement, commercial roof repair, or a new construction roofing installation, DLJ Roofing’s team of experienced professionals brings extensive knowledge and expertise to every job. They understand that a roof is not just a structural element; it is a crucial component that protects homes and buildings from the elements, enhances their appearance, and contributes to their overall value.

DLJ Roofing Contractors takes pride in their skilled workforce. Their team consists of highly trained technicians who stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques. They are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and utilize top-quality materials to ensure the longevity and performance of each roofing project. DLJ Roofing Contractors also maintains all necessary licenses and insurance, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence in their work.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of DLJ Roofing Contractors’ business philosophy. They prioritize open communication, transparency, and exceeding expectations. From the initial consultation to the final project completion, DLJ Roofing Contractors works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver tailored solutions. They provide detailed project estimates, offer guidance on material selection, and ensure timely project completion with minimal disruption to daily routines.

DLJ Roofing Contractors takes pride in their strong emphasis on professionalism, integrity, and reliability. They are committed to maintaining a strong reputation by consistently delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Their dedication to excellence has earned them numerous positive reviews and referrals from satisfied clients.

What do customers say?

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carl caramanna
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 months ago

Absolutely the best roofers and very professional , honest, knowledgeable and considerate! They were recommended to us by a friend who raved about Dorin Frai and the company! And I would definitely recommend DLJ to anyone who needs an excellent roofer !

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Abdul Hameed
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 months ago

They were very friendly and professional. They were easy to communicate with and were very responsive. They delivered what they said they would without any hassle and in a timely manner.

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Ramona Graunte
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star3 months ago

Amazing service quality and professional attitude. Install was done on time, no issues whatsoever. Highly recommended team if you need a new roof or repairs.

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Sri Sunshine
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star3 months ago

I worked with DLJ roofing on replacing the roof due to hurricane damage. The crew that worked on the roof came on time, were professional, completed the work that needed to be done for the day and cleaned up before they left. Dorin came in to inspect and take care of any additional things that needed to be addressed. He pays attention to detail, be it cleaning up some of the small things or ensuring that the material is well protected against the elements or doing any additional checks on the work done. He responds in a timely manner to emails and messages.They replaced the roof without taking out the gutters which was very helpful. Permits and inspection were scheduled for the earliest date and final touch ups were done as soon as the roof work was completed. DLJ roofing getting the work done in a timely manner is much appreciated after the long wait for the insurance comp payment.

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Fred Gray
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star5 months ago

Dorin was the one who came to our home and did the inspection, quote -and then the roof it self. What a wonderful experience… Very professional, on time, within our budget 100% recommended

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Jeff C
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star5 months ago

I used DLJ Roofing Contractors in Davie, FL for roof repairs in the past and most recently in 2023 a brand new roof. I am an Engineer and I really appreciated their expert knowledge and suggestions for the material selection and installation process. I highly recommend them for repairs and re-roofs.

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juan correal
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star9 months ago

Very pleased. I highly recommend them.

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Chaz Kerr
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star9 months ago

I'm a contractor and I've known these people for several years. I have used them on countless jobs and they are my main go to.

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jennifer p
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star9 months ago

DLJ Roofing Contractors came to my house within hours of noticing a leak after a storm to access. Dorin went on my roof and took numerous pictures and explained them to me. Afterwards, I got 6-7 estimates and after looking at the choices, I felt confident in choosing DLJ Roofing. Dorin was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. The price of my new roof was reasonable along with the quality of the work and materials used. The company who delivered the roofing shingles was impressed with the quality that he saw on work that had been done thus far. The workers worked from morning until night and the entire process from start to finish was made easy and quick to complete. DLJ Roofing went above making sure I was happy with my roof.

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J-Senior English
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star11 months ago

When other roofers tried to sell me a new roof, Dorin offered repairs that have extended the life of my existing roof. His repairs were not shoddy either. There was no patchy look when the job was completed. While his competitors saw only the short-term profit of a new roof installation, Dorin cared as much about his long-term reputation. He made a recommendation that saved ME money. I worried about getting scammed by unscrupulous roofers, but with Dorin's card I can worry about something else.

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Calin Marinau
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

I am a contractor and I have used DLJ Roofing for nearly 2 years. He has done approximately 10 roofs for me and I am very satisfied with his jobs. I will continue to use them in the future and recommend that anyone needing a new roof to give them a call.

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tiffany pete
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

Excellent company!! Dorian and his team came out and fixed my roof. They were polite, affordable and very professional. They did an excellent job and came quickly! I would recommend them.

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Russell Jenkins
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

Dorin was recommended to me by my contractor during home repairs. I've used Dorin twice and each time he was quick to respond same day. His pricing is fair and the work is done when scheduled. I highly recommend Dorin and DLJ Roofing Contractors.

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Gociu Adina
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

A few people will take the time to explain the repair process to you, but Dorin does it. He is very thorough and professional. We had a great experience working with him. We highly recommend his services!

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Ryan Murphy
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

The owners are very nice and very efficient. they have an amzaing team and if i EVER needed any other roof work done, they'd be my first call! i thank everyone again, you guys did amazing! the skylight looks fantastic!

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sab stark
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

They did an awesome job! My roof looks brand new and the price was much lower than what other companies quoted me!

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Elena Maris
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 years ago

Highly recommend their services.

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Joe Acosta
svg stara year ago

What roofing services do we offer to our local communities?

We offer only quality roofing services endorsed by a rigorous labor control process which ensures no steps are being skipped leading to results that no other roofing company can contest. Our roofing solutions span from roof replacements to simple repairs and expand into inspection services and annual maintenance contracts. All our work meets or exceeds Florida Building Code requirements. DLJ Roofing Contractors is a state registered company, licensed and insured for roofing services in Florida.

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