South Florida Roofing Services

Commercial and residential South Florida roofing services for Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

We offer a variety of quality South Florida roofing services ranging from roof replacements and repairs to professional inspections and maintenance contracts. Our entire work is endorsed by happy satisfied customers and attested by a stringent labor verification process which results in a hard to match quality roofing work. We are licensed and insured to perform roofing services in Florida state, and we comply with all Florida Building Code requirements.

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Shingle Roofs

We offer shingle roof systems and materials that are designed for the climate conditions in South Florida. DLJ Shingle Roofing – Quality South Florida roofing services.

Hurricane rated

Quick turnaround


Large variety of styles

Dlj roofing contractors - shingle roofs

Tile Roofs

We offer both concrete and clay tile roofs with maximum lifespan and unmatched installation warranty. DLJ Tile Roofing – Quality South Florida roofing services.

Strong and durable

High water resistance

Hurricane rated

Energy efficient, sustainable

Dlj roofing contractors - tile roofs

Metal Roofs

We offer a large variety of metal roofs for both commercial and residential properties. DLJ Metal Roofing – Quality South Florida roofing services.

Great lifespan

Highly durable

Impact resistant

Fire rated, energy efficient

Dlj roofing contractors - metal roofs

Flat Roof Systems

We offer complete flat roof services, TPO roofing solutions and silicone roof systems. DLJ Flat Roof systems – Quality South Florida roofing services.


Durable and efficient

Mold resistant

Low repair costs

Dlj roofing contractors - flat roof systems

Chimney Repairs

We offer comprehensive inspections and chimney repairs services for cost savings and peace of mind.

Chimney roof damages

Condensation and mold

Adequate ventilation

Improve home performance

Chimney repairs south florida - dlj roofing contractors

Roof Installations

We offer quality roofing installations with extended lifespan and unmatched 10-year warranty*.

Increase home value

Lower insurance premiums

Energy savings

Peace of mind

Dlj roofing contractors - roof installations in south florida

* Subject to material choices

Roof Inspections and Repairs

We offer comprehensive inspections and roof repair services for cost savings and peace of mind.

Detect roof damages

Simplify insurance claims

Extend roof life

Improve performance

Dlj roofing contractors - roof inspections in south florida


What do customers say?

When other roofers tried to sell me a new roof, Dorin offered repairs that have extended the life of my existing roof. His repairs were not shoddy either. There was no patchy look when the job was completed. While his […]

J-Senior English

I had an amazing experience with this roofing company. The owner, Dorin, was very clear, thorough, and always in constant communication with me. If I ever needed anything, he would ALWAYS pick up his phone […]

Jessica Tetta

I’m a contractor and I’ve known these people for several years. I have used them on countless roofing services and they are my main go to company.

Chaz Kerr

Dorin was recommended to me by my contractor during home repairs. I’ve used Dorin twice and each time he was quick to respond same day […]

Russel Jenkins

I am a contractor and I have used DLJ Roofing for nearly 2 years. He has done approximately 10 roofs for me and I am very satisfied with his jobs. […]

Calin Marinau

The owners are very nice and very efficient. they have an amazing team and if i EVER needed any other roof work done, they’d be my first call! […]

Ryan Murphy

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