South Florida Chimney Repairs

DLJ Roofing is offering top quality chimney repairs in South Florida

Chimneys in South Florida are constantly hit by humid climate conditions and frequent storms, making regular maintenance a good proactive approach to avoid hazard issues.

Chimney repairs for damages in our region are mostly caused by condensation. water damage, and mold. Regular inspections and repairs can help your home get adequate ventilation, ensure it is free of forming leaks on the roof, and maintain its real estate value.

Chimney repairs require specialized professionals with experience and knowledge in chimney structure and masonry. Repairs on stucco or mortar, chimney caps, dampers, and flues are the most common repairs we encounter on the field. Schedule your free inspection today and have your chimney serviced by our expert chimney team.

DLJ Roofing Contractors offers chimney repairs services in South Florida

What is the process for repairing a chimney in South Florida?

Chimney repairs are performed after a thorough inspection of the attic, roof, and chimney base. Our company owner is present at every roof quote to ensure adequate repairs are being recommended and the best possible price is offered for the job. All our repairs come with unmatched industry warranty and low price points.

DLJ Roofing Contractors Roof Replacement Process

Free Appointment

Get an accurate state of your chimney condition, learn about material options and colors, understand ventilation requirements, obtain a free estimate.

Chimney Inspection

This is when you sign the contract proposal and a notice of commencement. We use these documents in the next steps and to give green light to the project.


In this step you make the first deposit based on our proposal agreement. We navigate the required state documentation and we obtain your a chimney repair roofing permit from if required for the repair.

Materials and delivery

We order all the materials and arrange the delivery to your project address. In this step we also prepare and secure your property for work.

Work inspection

Our experienced roofing team begins the process of installing your new roof. Inspections from city and owner are performed intermittently.


We re-inspect and ensure every single aspect of your new roof is addressed. We deliver your installation warranty and get final payment.

Frequently asked questions

What chimney repairs do you offer?

Our chimney repairs services include inspections, cleaning, relining, leakage detection, mortar and stucco repair, as well as chimney rebuilds.

What if I detect a leak coming from my chimney?

It is recommended to contact a roofing contractor to correctly assess the situation and determine the adequate type of work to be performed.

What is the cost for chimney repairs?

Costs for chimney repairs vary based on the complexity of the job, the roof pitch, access, and damage assessment. Contact us to get an accurate free estimate.

How often should I have my chimney inspected and serviced?

It is recommended to have your chimney inspected at least once every year if you live in South Florida. Semi-annual inspections are also recommended if your chimney is used frequently.

How long do chimney repairs take?

We strive to be quick and efficient in all our chimney repairs. Your free estimate will give your an accurate time frame for repair. Most commonly, we are able to complete repairs in 2-3 days depending on materials used and manufacturing recommendations. If your chimney has a leak it will be addressed immediately before work commences.

How long do chimney repairs last?

All our roofing and chimney work comes with labor warranty. We go above and beyond for all our clients and always put quality and fairness on our priority list. You can rest assured you will be treated like family and sleep well at night knowing you are covered.


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