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Tile roofs are resistant to hurricane force winds, they offer long-term durability, they are energy efficient, have minimal maintenance cost, they come in a variety of materials and colors to choose from, and overall, they offer the best value for money in a long term. In addition, a new tile roof will significantly increase the value of your home regardless of when you plan to sell or move out.

Customers choosing tile roofs enjoy aesthetics, quality, energy efficiency and sustainability for a lifetime. A tile roof provides great thermal properties by reducing heat gains. For Floridians, a tile roof can keep the house cooler and cut energy costs by as much as 20%.

DLJ Roofing Contractors. Quality tile roofs in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

Compare tile roofing options

Basic tile roofs

Standard installation*

High wind concrete tiles

Single-ply underlayment

More affordable

Tile quality

40-year tile warranty

Hurricane rating

Energy efficient

135 mph wind resistance

5-year labor warranty

* With ring shank nails and tin caps

Upgraded tile roofs

Standard installation

High wind concrete tiles

Single-ply underlayment

Best value

Tile quality

45-year tile warranty

Hurricane rating

Energy efficient

Up to 140 mph wind resistance

Up to 10-year labor warranty*

* Subject to material selection

Advanced tile roofs

Premium installation

High-wind clay tiles

Two-ply underlayment

Preformed metal valleys

Top quality tiles

50-year tile warranty

Hurricane rating

Energy efficient

150 mph wind resistance

10-year labor warranty

Best for hurricane climate conditions

What are the steps for replacing a tile roof in South Florida?

Replacing your tile roof does not need to be stressful. With DLJ Roofing Contractors you get a worry-free experience and unmatched workmanship quality backed by a rigorous inspection process and top warranty.

DLJ Roofing Contractors Roof Replacement Process

Free Appointment

Get an accurate state of your roof condition, learn about material options and colors, understand ventilation requirements, obtain a free estimate.


This is when you sign the contract proposal and a notice of commencement. We use these documents in the next steps and to give green light to the project.

Permit and deposit

In this step you make the first deposit based on our proposal agreement. We navigate the required state documentation and we obtain your roofing permit from the city.

Materials and delivery

We order all the materials and arrange the delivery to your project address. In this step we also prepare and secure your property for work.

Work and inspection

Our experienced roofing team begins the process of installing your new roof. Inspections from city and owner are performed intermittently.


We re-inspect and ensure every single aspect of your new roof is addressed. We deliver your installation warranty and get final payment.

Frequently asked questions

Why are tile roofs popular in South Florida?

They hold up great to our climate weather conditions, they are exceptionally durable, fire resistance, and energy efficient

How long does a professionally installed tile roof last in our area?

Based on material selection, maintenance program, and quality of installation, a tile roof can last 40-50 years in the South Florida climate

Will the tile color last?

Tile roofs have the best color retention over time due to the color pigmentation used during the manufacturing process

Do I need a permit to replace my tile roof?

Yes, Florida State Law requires building permits for all roof installations and roof replacements.

Can I change from shingles to tiles?

The short answer is yes, however, there could be restrictions imposed by your homeowner’s association (HOA) and your building roof structure that may require reinforcement to support the additional weight of tiles

Do you have customer referrals?

Absolutely. All our reviews and referrals are made by our customers. Please engage with any of them and ask about our tile roofing services. More about us here.


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