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DLJ Roofing Contractors is a reputable, highly established local roofing company in South Florida. We provide high-quality roofing services to commercial and residential communities in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.


We are proud of our roofing projects and we think showcasing current, past, and future work is essential to any business.

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Dlj roofing contractors. Quality roofing services in south florida. Dlj people showing various options to roofing customers.

How are we different than other roofing companies?

It’s quite simple. Our primary focus as a small business is to support our local communities, not to generate high profits. We keep our operational costs to an absolute minimum, we have no overhead, no layers of staff, we work hard to manage all our roofing projects directly, and we take low profits in order to offer you cost savings that are not attainable otherwise. Moreover, we offer a quick turnaround and top industry labor warranty for all our roofing services.

No Layers of Staff

As a modern and innovative small business, we do not engage in complex organizational structures which can lead to overhead and oversight. Instead, we use a modern framework that enables cost optimization and promotes agility and fast decision making.

Quick Turnaround

We have registered and formed partnerships with top manufacturing roofing companies in order to efficiently manage our roofing material deliveries. Together with our professional roofing teams, we can get your project from permit to roof start in less than 10 days.

Never Skip Steps

We are an innovative, process-driven local business with many years of experience in the roofing industry. There is a reason why all our installed roofs have a higher lifespan. We don’t cut corners, we don’t use unauthorized materials, and we never skip steps.

Highly Competitive

A critical aspect of any roofing project is to ensure the highest quality control at every step. All our roofing jobs undergo a strict and rigorous inspection process in addition to what local authorities provide. Again, we do not skip steps and thus remain highly competitive in the market.

Paramount Warranty

You have probably noticed that roofing warranties, especially in South Florida region, have decreased over time. Not in our case. We stand behind every roof replacement with a top installation warranty of up to 10-years (depending on material selection).

Family-Owned Business

We are a local family-owned business that operates across the South Florida region. We work hard to serve our local community, we educate every customer in best roofing practices, and pass our savings to you. Read more about DLJ Roofing Contractors here.

What roofing services do we offer?

We offer quality roofing services backed by a rigorous labor verification process which outputs precise results that no major roofing company can match. Spanning from inspections to re-roofing and extending to repairs and yearly maintenance contracts, our comprehensive roofing services are tailored to meet and exceed all Florida Building Code requirements. We are a Florida state certified roofing contractor licensed and insured.

Dlj roofing contractors. Roofing services in miami-dade, broward, and palm beach counties.


What do customers say?

When other roofers tried to sell me a new roof, Dorin offered repairs that have extended the life of my existing roof. His repairs were not shoddy either. There was no patchy look when the job was completed. While his […]

J-Senior English

I had an amazing experience with this roofing company. The owner, Dorin, was very clear, thorough, and always in constant communication with me. If I ever needed anything, he would ALWAYS pick up his phone […]

Jessica Tetta

I’m a contractor and I’ve known these people for several years. I have used them on countless jobs and they are my main go to company.

Chaz Kerr

Dorin was recommended to me by my contractor during home repairs. I’ve used Dorin twice and each time he was quick to respond same day […]

Russel Jenkins

Dlj roofing contractors. Quality roofing services in south florida. Dlj roofing member shaking hands with a roofing customer.

Are we the right choice for your roofing project?

We are convinced you already know that any reputable roofing company needs a minimum number of qualities and qualifications to pass your roofing company selection process. Here is how homeowners and business customers refer us:

Fully licensed and insured

Responsible and fair

Honest and transparent

Friendly and professional

Have superior customer care

Stress free experience

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